Chryos Regimental Deployment (41.051 – 41.095)

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Chryos Regimental Deployment (41.051 – 41.095) Empty Chryos Regimental Deployment (41.051 – 41.095)

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Chryos Regimental Deployment (41.051 – 41.095)

A Chryos Imperial Regiment consists of:
12x Mechanized Infantry Companies
12x Leman Russ Companies
12x Sentinel Squadrons (each 10 strong)
12x Mechanized Storm trooper platoons (each 35 strong)
1x Ogryn Company (150 strong)
1x Ratling Company (150 strong).

1st and 4th: Years 41.051 and 41.065
Currently on active duty on the ruinous forge world Chargos. The two regiments share an overlapping 3 monthly Rotational deployment between planet side garrison duty and orbital blockade.

On planet they are spread across the seven strongholds, and also maintain active mobile companies in the controlled zones.
Each of the 7 strongholds are garrisoned by:
1x Full regimental company, 1x Artillery Company (10 Basilisks) and 1x Hydra AA Company. (10x Hydra)
There is also a full garrison (as above, sans AA and Artillery) in the captured city of ‘Derelict’.
The remaining 4 companies are assigned mobile patrol duties in the wilds surround the strongholds.

All other forces are either on blockade duty, or in ready recovery. They are waiting out their 3 months of downtime, but prepared to drop planet side in support within 12 hours.

2nd: Year 41.056 (Rebuilt 41.089)
Veteran home guard for the planet Chryos. Consists of veterans of the Tyranid splinter fleet Garmeer invasion (41.088) and other soldiers from across all the regiments too wounded or damaged for field work. They are tasked with garrisoning the planetary defence network, overseeing further construction, and instructing the new recruits as they cycle through 3rd regiment.

3rd: Year 41.060 (Rebuilt 41.089)
Due to the massive losses suffered during the Garmeer Tyranid invasion, 3rd regiment has been reformed as the training Regiment for the massive Chryos war machine. All new recruits begin service in the 3rd, before being assigned to their new home regiments upon graduating. The average age of a new recruit is 15, and graduate at the age of 18.
With so many regiments deployed to active warzones, Chryos is no longer raising new regiments, but training up replacements for those regiments currently at war.
(9th and 11th are exempt from this, as they will be supplementing any losses directly from their theatre of deployment.)

5th: Year 41.067
The 5th Regimental Fleet has been deployed as support for Battle Fleet Tiberius. The 5th Fleet Admiral and 5th Regiment Command have formally (and without resentment) acknowledged Inquisitor Tiberius as the War Leader for this deployment.

6th and 7th: Years 41.070 and 41.073
Both 6th and 7th regimental fleets have been deployed to the Kariden system to assist in the ‘pacification’ of the renegade forces in the sector. They have been given shared command with Lord Commander Artyom Miranov for the duration of this deployment.

8th: Year 41.077
The 8th regimental fleet is on a continuous seek and destroy mission throughout the Chryos system itself. It has garnered an astonishing number of pirate and renegade kills over the last 15 years.

9th and 11th: Years 41.080 and 41.090
The 9th and 11th regimental fleet has been seconded to the Ultramar system, in accordance with the tithing agreement reached with Lord Macragge. (Initiated 41.001, re-pledged 41.089) They are currently in the 3rd year of a 10 year arrangement.

10th: Year 41.085 (Refurbishment started 41.090)
The 10th regiment is undergoing a massive refurbishment known as the ‘Lythan Initiative’.
The regiment is being augmented to have one Leman Russ escort (variable patterns) for every Chimera assigned, and one Superheavy (variable patterns) per Company Command Chimera.
The standard Leman Russ Company is also being replaced with an artillery company.
The entire regiment is also being reequipped with carapace armour.

A typical company example would then be: Infantry mechanised company, 1 Baneblade, 41 Leman Russ MBTs, 10 Armoured Sentinels and 10 Basilisks.
Experimentation is also underway to see if the revolutionary plasma technology developed by Lythan can be implemented into existing LR Executioner designs and other Superheavy variants. (Eventually to be used in infantry plasma weapons as well.)
This regiment is intended for the upcoming Chargos Conquest Campaign, and the project is being overseen by Inquisitor Lord Josea King.

12th Year 41.091
12th regiment has been placed on standby alert to assist the Ordo’s Hereticus and Xenos in any and all military action. This also includes the Space Marine forces of the Shadowed Sons (9th), Blood Ravens (10th), Knights Tempest (11th), and the Death Watch (12th).

13th: Year 41.092
13th Regiment has been deployed to pacify the troubled Orison System. Their objective is bring it once more into the fold of the Imperium… or more specifically, Chryos control.
*Subsequently removed from active Chryos regiments upon it's re-christening/assignment as the Sothis 1st.

Deployment Updates:
12th: Year 41.093.10
The 12th regiment has been recalled from all active duty, and reassigned to wholesale deployment on Zieth, the outermost planet of the Chryos system. They have been tasked with establishing Zieth as a defensive ‘bunker’ world. They have gratefully accepted the offer of support from the Shadowed Suns and Aurora Space Marine Chapters.
12th regimental command shall share overall command with the Shadowed Sons.

13th: Year 41.093.11
13th Chryos regiment is undergoing a permanent reassignment to Sothis. By the start of ’95 they shall be re-christened the Sothis 1st Regiment.

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