Armory of Astrozoa

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Armory of Astrozoa

Post by Comander.c on Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:28 am


  • 22 Frags (2d10+2, Blast 5)
  • 12 Kraks (2d10+7, pen 6, Concussive)
  • 48 Anti Personnel Landmines (2d10, Pen 1, Blast(1)) Handed off to Guard
  • 2 Limpet Mines (3d10+40 Blast 10/2(directional)


  • 26 Best Quality M36 Lazguns

  • 26 Uncharged lasgun clips. 

  • 20 Autoguns 

  • +5000 rounds

  • 2 M36 Autocannons

  • +150 rouds

  • 4 Morters

  • +120 Rounds  Handed off to the Guard


  • Dry Provisions 50 weeks. Handed off to the Guard
  • Water Purifiers x 7
  • Misc Mechanical parts. 200 units


  • 2 Astarte Harnesses
  • 18 guardsman field kits


Stormraven Gunship "Talon Alpha"

  • Type: Spacecraft
  • Tactical Speed: 30m/30AU's
  • Cruising Speed 3,000 kmph
  • Maneuverability: +35
  • Structural Integrity:  28/35
  • Size: Enormous: 
  • Armour: Front 37, Side 37, Rear 37
  • Crew: Pilot, Gunner (turret)
  • Weapons: 

  1. Twin-linked Lazcannons (300m, 5d10+10, Pen 10, Proven 3)
  2. Cyclone missile Launcher (S/2/-, 300m, Clip 10/12, Reload 3 full) 12 Frags (2d10, Pen 4, Blast 5, Devestating 1)
  3. 1 Blood-strike missiles(750m 4d10+6, Pen 14.) 

[*]Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere of a planet. While in the atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer at the pilot’s choice. It gains all benefits and drawbacks of skimmers and flyers.

[*]Ceramite Armour: Stormravens are equipped with heat resistant ceramite armour for atmospheric re-entry. Any melta-weapons count their AP as 0 against a Stormraven.

[*]Power of the Machine Spirit: The Stormraven is equipped with a complex core-cogitator that is blessed with an unusually cunning Machine Spirit. When fi ring the Stormraven’s weapons, the Stormraven’s pilot may fire one additional weapon system. That weapon’s firing is directed by the pilot character, but uses the Machine Spirit’s BS of 50. The attack does not benefit from any Talents or other attributes the pilot possesses (in effect, it is being fired by the Machine Spirit).

[*]Reinforced Hull: When a vehicle with a Reinforced Hull receives a Critical Hit, halve the results, rounding up. This does not affect rolls on the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.

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