Darius Vex, so many gods to please, so many things to kill!

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Darius Vex, so many gods to please, so many things to kill!

Post by Nick_Nork on Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:48 pm

"Relieved of my boredom at that insipid Tzeentchian library with its suspicious absence of uneventful Tuesdays I join an unusual band in the hopes that someone to kill shall present themselves."

Clad in piecemeal armour of apparent legion design, Darius makes for an imposing figure. Oft without a helmet due to his inability to find one that still functions as anything more than muffle to his screams of rage, Darius nonetheless maintains his armour as best he can, generally by replacing components when able. Of note is the quality of the chest plate and backpack, a matching set in good repair and thankfully, if mysteriously still functioning after all this time...

"Speaking of time, how long has it been? I remember the legions, but not much more, at least not more than killing and frenzy."

Darius has at his disposal Legion Armaments including a Bolter and Bolt Pistol, though tradgically few rounds. No mind though, his preference is to wield his Power Axe and Chainsword together, even if he appears to have forgotten the best way to do so, damnable library.

Seeking most of all to perfect the art of slaughter and himself in doing so, Darius would have trouble deciding which of Chaos Gods ways to follow, were he inclined to cease thoughts of war and destruction long enough to consider their whims. The Blood God seems the obvious choice, but his ways are to toy with the prey rather than to destroy rapidly. The Bloated God would offer a constitution that would make Darius nigh invulnerable, but seeks to weaken and subvert the foe rather than face it. The Tricksters ways are hardly that of a warrior, but Darius cannot deny the strength of will afforded to his followers. Finally the Hedonist, their ways appeal to the weakness in Darius, to glut himself on all that he desires, but finesse in combat is not Darius' strength, Strength and Destruction are!

Where his path leads, who knows, all that matters are the bodies he leaves behind.

Darius finds the small one that burns to be amusing, he thinks us robots and wishes to wear us, or to be us. "I think I shall help him in this, should the opportunity arise. It will be quite amusing!"
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