Hunter's Hornets Key NPC Personel

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Hunter's Hornets Key NPC Personel

Post by Dingo on Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:38 pm

Hunter's Hornets
Recon and Skirmish Company
Registered: 3033, Established 3034.
Merc Rating: Unproven.

Company Commander: Rosylyn 'Harrier' Hunter

Rosylyn Hunter is a former Free Worlds League Military Officer, tasked with border security and surveliance. (Assigned to the 113th Light Cavalry)
Constant corruption and incompetence in her local command structure gradually wore away at her convictions and loyalty. Eventually and after yet another needless and avoidable conflict with the Capellan Federation, Rosylyn resigned her commission and left the service to pursue a career as Merc Boss. She took her considerable family wealth and purchased the Hornet's stable of mechs outright. Their base of operations is on a lease agreement. (% of profits over a period of years)

(It is rumored that the entire debacle with House Liao's '5th Capellan Chargers' patrol lance was engineered to make a newly appointed political officer's first border visit 'exciting'. This has never been proven, but the surge of sudden resignations in the local command structure following the embarrassing conflict add weight to the theory.)

Second In Command, Lieutenant Banyek 'Kay-Boom' Sai

Banyek Sai has been Hunter's second ever since their first deployment 3026. His good humor and constantly optimistic outlook on life has been just as helpful to their partnership as his keen tactical mind.
His family defected from the Draconis Combine several generations ago, and any resentment or family grudges that his lineage may claim has completely failed to stick with the cheerful young officer.

His loyalty to Hunter is absolute, and he followed her lead to strike out on their own without hesitation or regret. He is well trained in all forms of Mech warfare, but is particularly gifted with missiles and artillery. He knows his way around a repair bay, and enjoys his duties as 2IC. Quick with his wit, fists, and his feet... Sai is a dependable and reliable wingman, both on the job and off it.

Cheif Engineer Verone 'Vix' Pencoliss

Verone hails from the Periphery. Born on a prison transport-cruiser, the daughter of a corrupt prison guard and a middle class con-artist. She's been educated by poverty, desperation, and the underbelly of the universe.

On one hand this has turned Vix into a truly gifted mechanical genius. Able to scrounge, reconstruct, jury-rig, by-pass, fudge, force, duplicate, replicate, or just improvise her way around almost any engineering (or security) problem encountered in the garage or in the field. And when she has the actual correct items and tools... she borders on technomancy.

One the other hand she's a short tempered, loudly opinionated, slightly damaged, anarchistic thief of a fire-starter who's up for a fight at the drop of a hat. Any damn hat. Good with her fists or just anything laying around, she really shouldn't be allowed near other people, let along industrial grade cutting machinery.

She's still loyal and dependable, with an unmatched chop-shop skillset and low expectations on payday. Just tread carefully and carry pacification bribes.

Chief of Staff Gordon 'Thrifty' Chaal

Gordon is another garrison member who chose to follow Hunter into the Soldier of Fortune lifestyle. He was a Requisitions Officer at the time, assigned to the border force and in charge of keeping the outpost well supplied and operational. Disgusted with the corrupted and self-serving nature rampant in the sector's command and offended by the 'poor, professional practices' of the logistics staff he worked with, there was almost no thought required to submit his resignation and walk away.

Gordon, or 'Thrifty' as he is known, takes his role of Provisions and Personnel officer very seriously. Never one to spend more than is needed or waste any opportunity to save money or spin a profit, his moniker is well earned. While his relationship with Vix began very poorly, he has come to appreciate her ability to make the most out of every available resource. In fact her skills at wasting nothing she uses has been known to encourage him to 'splurge' a bit, and get some better gear.

Gordon not much of a combatant, but pulls more than his fair share in keeping the unit running.

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