Planets Encountered thus far

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Planets Encountered thus far

Post by Popdart5 on Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:35 pm

The Ostaran System.

Vandor II

Location: Inner Cauldron
Designation: Hive World.
Habitability: Livable, high surface temperatures, natural environment suitable for ordinary settlement however most natural environment has been replaced by hive cities..
Population: Estimated 15 billion.
Threat Level: To be determined.
Military Presence: 18th Ostaran Regiment, "the Ostaran Scorchers"


Designation: Agri-world.
Habitability: Livable, more to be discovered.

Moons of Ostara, gas giant.


Designation: Forge World
Habitability: Livable, more to be discovered. Temperate climate.
Population: Unknown or unable to be quantified.
Notable Elements: Adeptus Mechanicus hierarchy and primary manufactorums for heavy armaments and weaponry for the 18th Ostaran Imperial Guard Regiment


Designation: Penal World
Habitability: Cold climate. More to be discovered.
Population: Restricted.

More to come as the players continue exploring.
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