Tokens of ye Gods - Slight EXP Mechanic Change/Test

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Tokens of ye Gods - Slight EXP Mechanic Change/Test

Post by Popdart5 on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:59 am

As the tokens currently stand, they can be spent on advances associated with the specific god or Chaos Undivided. These tokens treat your alignment as one better for the specific power (Opposed < Allied < True) and grant a discount of 100 EXP for advances that are purchased. These tokens can be stacked together to get advances very cheaply or possibly without using any other experience. You can get tokens primarily by one of two ways: rolling doubles of the specific God's number (66, 77, 88, 99, 00) or by engaging in acts that are pleasing to that God or power and building up favour until it ticks over to a token.

I've been thinking about changing how I give out tokens because I've been a little slack in recording favour and acknowledging individual gratifying acts. This will also tie into changing how I reward experience per session as well. Currently, I grant somewhere between 400-800 experience per session depending on player actions, challenges overcome, and just general RP with tokens on top of that.

My intent is to significantly reduce the base experience I grant to somewhere around 200-400 per session but hand out more tokens. I'm also looking to keep better track of tokens so that everyone is roughly on the same level of experience rather than things being a little out of control. I'm also going to mechanise token generation a little bit so that characters that are more agnostic, atheistic, or dismissive of the gods can still gain tokens without having to engage in actions that might be out of character.

Tokens can be gained mechanically by rolling doubles on the relevant daemon number of the god or Chaos Undivided. This is a straight token that ignores the standard generation of favour. What I propose is that characteristic rolls where the ones digit is equal to the daemon number (eg. 28 for Khorne, 36 for Slaanesh, etc) will generate one token of favour. Favour will continue to build up until it reaches the threshold where the triggering player will receive the relevant token. The favour track will then reset and start again. To offset the fact that Slaanesh and Nurgle's daemon numbers are really low, every Chaos power's favour will track up to 8 rather than the separate daemon numbers we have now. The person who pushes the favour track above 8 for the specific Chaos power will gain the token and the favour will be reset.

This should hopefully offset a few of the issues that I've noticed with tokens ie. that it's quite easy to gain favour by performing specific actions repeatedly (killing lots of things, seducing lots of things, using lots of psychic powers). In addition, it means that certain Gods may just choose to imbue you with a token of favour at random times due to the will of Chaos and the dice. I hope it will provide a little more flavour for everyone in building their characters from here on. Everyone is at a point where their characters are solid so I hope it doesn't cripple anyone too badly.

And to clarify, the unaligned psychic powers and psy rating will now count as Undivided for the purposes of purchasing advances. Therefore, the extra 100 EXP from Undivided tokens will work however there will be no discount in the cost of purchasing these abilities due to these advances being outside the standard characteristic/skill/talent advances. Talents that exist outside the Black Crusade books will almost always be treated as Undivided and tokens will apply to them as standard.

Feel free to ask any questions if this seems a bit puzzling. I intend to try this out in the next Black Crusade game and see how it works before looking at potentially implementing this for all future games.
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Re: Tokens of ye Gods - Slight EXP Mechanic Change/Test

Post by Comander.c on Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:42 pm

The use of the gods numbers, while good, may be difficult to remember to track.

also theres still a chance that the same person keeps being the lucky one to tip over the last favor dice, earning that one.

A suggestion: as the group is contributing to the favour, have everyone gain the tokens for tipping over (at the end of the session), Depending on how that translates xp wise, from what ive seen theres mostly a few tokens a session, so it would equate to a couble hundred xp (the same as the reduction)

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