Session 2: First Fall of Winter, February

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Session 2: First Fall of Winter, February Empty Session 2: First Fall of Winter, February

Post by Cowboy on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:07 pm

The band of heroes had been resting in Van'tese for near two days, after surviving their encounter against a Shade in the Shrine Monastery Le'Ghentel. Group had found refuge in the simple homely comforts of the Malt'n'Boar lodge hidden in the nooks of the market district of Van'tese.

While here resting, the group took the time to plan their next move in the efforts against Brightwater's foes, the orcs and the undead. While they planned another listened, one by the name of Edwine a local scholar and swordsmen. The group had all but decided to make a move against the Harrow orcs in the east until Dorn and Wylliam walked through the doors of the lodge. After a brief exchange the two invited the group into the back room of the lodge as Edwine looked on.

In the back room the group was informed that there would be an assassination attempt on the lord's (his father's) life and that political obligations and the lack of evidence has tied his hands. Wylliam noted that this information was given by an individual who operates as part of an organisation called the Cobalt Keys. Two days from the meeting with the key, Wylliam had agreed to meet with the Key again at a prescribed safe house in the lower river districts of Van'tese. However, as the current political field demanded his attention, Wylliam was forced to ask for aid. So instead, Wylliam had asked the group to tend the meeting with the Key in his absence and stop the assassination attempt on his father.

Before the group could begin there investigation, they were approached by the attentive Edwine who had been so eagerly listening to the groups discussions. After vetting the lad, they agreed to take him on as part of Thorgrims Mercenary Band, requiring Edwine to freely aid his first mission with promise of a share in the spoils. With all discussed agreed upon the group split up to cover more ground.

Edwine and Merick shadowed by Torvus, left to meet with the Lord's Alchemists Trusion Boggle-Bang and Merin Carter. These meeting was in hope that the group could acquire a means of subjugation to be used on the assassin or other foes they were likely to cross paths with. Across town in the river district, Adrysse and Thorgrim went to meet with the Cobalt Key. The pair found the safe house in disarray, door forced open, blood pools and crossbow bolts lodged in the walls and doors and two bodies were found. The bodies were of men working for he Faceless, addicts of the drug called Dust. The house was also under the residual effects of two Aether Phenomena, one that shortened the breath of their heroes and another that warped the imaged in reflective surfaces.

The group reconvened at the Malt'n'boar and discussed their findings. They quickly returned to the Alchemists and purchased the wares they needed before returning to the river district's safe house. Edwine, a student of Alchemy, had speculated that despite the Key being missing they would be able to track him down by tracking the production process of Dust as it is such a unique and high profile Aether narcotic. After lifting the Aether Phenomena from the safe house, Adrysse proceeded to use spellcraft to scry for the location of Dust within a 2km radius. This led the group to a Saloon, The Scarlet Lounge deeper into river district. Here only Adrysse, the only mage in the group and one two in the entire city was invited to the private hall of Kreet. Adrysse discovered Kreet was a Ash, a man from the deep south with the apparent ability to read thoughts and manipulate minds. The Warlock informed the priest that the Faceless were in town and that he had aided in the imbuing process of making Dust. Mysteriously, he knew that Merick was a former member of the Faceless who knew of their methods and how to find them.

After a discussion with the group that led to questioning Mericks integrity, the group moved on to reporting to Wylliam and finding the location of The Faceless' hideout. After wading the sewers for a quarter of an hour the group uncovered the lair and soon identified six of the Cheviler's men ensuring the assassination would happen as planned. When the soldiers had left the group moved in to strike, finding that the Cobalt Key was still alive being dunked in sewer water by use of rope and turn crank. After a bloody battle, that saw the party members wounded the group also discovered a woman (Sharron) and her daughter (Clara). The pair had been held captive for near three weeks, abused and psychologically tortured in that time were terrified of all who approached. The group eventually freed the three captives and discovered that the assassin had not only infiltrated Tudor Towers, but had also been operating within the Towers for 3 week. In addition, Sharron reveled that her husband was one of the Lord's Bannermen Vincint Banson, and that they were abducted to ensure his compliance with his role in the assassination.

having bathed and after securing Sharron and Clara's safety, the group returned to report to Wylliam, who in turn summoned Vincint to their meeting. The group discovered that he was to pull the pin on a compromised chandelier that hung over the oration podium in the banquette hall once signaled. The group nearly believed their job was done, but remebered Merick pointed out that The Faceless set up several assassination plans, especially when targeting high profile targets and when they've had three weeks to prepare. Wylliam then proposed to get the group inside the Towers under guise of servant or diplomatic representative to stop any other measures taken to kill his father in addition to Vincint and the Chandelier.

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Session 2: First Fall of Winter, February Empty Re: Session 2: First Fall of Winter, February

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You might need to change that last little bit as Merick wasn't present at the meeting with Vincent and Wylliam. He was busy ensuring the safety of Sharron and Clara at the Malt 'n' Boar.
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