Cleaning up someone else's mess & The Clown Show. (28/3/16)

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Cleaning up someone else's mess & The Clown Show. (28/3/16)

Post by Nick_Nork on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:05 am

After a run in with awakened rats, gangers mimicking corporate branding, and a dropoff almost gone sideways, you walked away with 10k Nuyen and 7 Karma each, and a slightly dented SK-Bentley Concordat.

Digging through the data retrieved from the gangers comms you found they had info on the dropoff location, and oddly enough, photos of each of the four of you (Bear, Cat, Board and Claymore, without masks). The photos are old, looks like they were taken a few years ago, and the data behind them shows they were copied on to each of the comms between a week and a month ago, but there's nothing that connects them to the rest of the info on the comms.

Collected items include
- 2 Ceska Black Scorpions
- 2 Browning Ultra-Powers
- 1 SK-Bentley Concordat with some small arms fire damage to the rear left quarter panel, and the following upgrades.

Using a combination of hardware and software modifications, a vehicle can be equipped to override its gridlink system, and retain independent control. When activated, the vehicle appears to be a interacting with the system normally but cannot be shut down, can exceed the posted speed limit, and randomly rotates its identifier so it cannot be tracked for an extended period. Since even runners are pragmatic, the vehicle still draws its operational power from the gridlink system, as long as it is available, because who doesn’t love stealing from the corps?
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