Technicolour Housefire, a belated report.

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Technicolour Housefire, a belated report.

Post by Nick_Nork on Sat May 14, 2016 12:20 am

---EVO Media | Music Minute---

...and in local news; Up and coming post-punk thrash group Technicolour Housefire arrived in Seattle recently and reportedly blew the roof off of a local venue. Our Ork on the street tells us that the first night of their three night set was only outdone by their second nights performance, of course after their third and final night rumors persist that the band is in turmoil and arguments persist. Time will tell!

---That was the Evo Media Music Minute---

The recent run net a considerable financial return and exposed you to a couple of new elements of the sixth world, namely a ghoul capable of attacking the astral, a phenomenon not common even among the awakened creatures. Beyond that, a run against a thankfully low seciruty venue, including a mildly confused seductee, an annoyed band, and a very happy fixer.

More recently, Lucifer has been in contact with you and has presented you an opportunity.

"Hello my happy little runners, I have a job for you and this one is a win-win scenario. A local startup wants their security tested but doesn't trust another corporation to do the job properly, so they want to hire runners to do it. The plus side is that if you mess up then you walk away with a few bruises and a paycheck; if you succeed then you walk away with a bigger paycheck, and possibly a bruise or two. The only conditions are: DO NOT kill anyone, and don't pull your punches, they want a real test. If you accept then they'll have 500 rounds of gel rounds sent over in a mixture of whatever calibre you choose. Oh, and you technically have a month to get this done, they set a long time frame to keep the security off guard, a little at least."

If you accept then Lucifer offers you a place and a time to meet the Johnson, and while you feel most of the information might have already been offered, it would be a good opportunity to negotiate prices.
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