Session 4: Desperate Action, April

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Session 4: Desperate Action, April Empty Session 4: Desperate Action, April

Post by Comander.c on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:47 pm

The session begins with our burgeoning heroes setting out to do some shopping, after a brief morning itinerary, in preparation for the trip and battle for Northwatch.

Thorgrim first sets out to acquire some proper armour for the team, and hopes to rely on the Dwarfish forges for help. Alas, they are pushed to the limit to meet the requirements for Rochford. Thorgrim is able to acquire some raw chain and tools, so he may be able to craft it together, as well as make any repairs or modifications on the road. When he asks about anything heavier than chain, the Smithy brings out a large chest. Thorgrim opens it, and is assailed with flashbacks, as inside is his old suit of armour, functionally prepared, except for the broken helm that was cleaved in two so many years ago. After a while to take all this in, Thorgrim pay’s the forge for the repairs, and reclaims the armour, leaving behind the helm for now until he is confident he can repair it himself.

Torvus, who has joined Thorgrim to the forge, attempts to acquire some fitted chain that might not slow him down, but to no avail. Thorgrim promises to forge him some when time allows.

The two then head out to seek some explosives and alchemical arrows for Torvus and Eadwine's new Crossbow, among some other odds and ends. They are shocked when their search for an alchemist brings them to a carriage containing the thought lost alchemist Trusion Bogglebang*?

They have a brief conversation about what everyone has been up to, and purchase some supplies. Trusion it seems, has come to vent his grief at the loss of his partner, meryn, and the orks are unfortunate enough to be the subjects of his venting.


Back at the Longhouse, Merrick wakes up late and oh so hung over. Eadwine gives him some of the disgusting yet nutritious ‘Blood Broth’ to help with what ails him. The two head out into the cold and windy snow, to pay Niko of the Plump Siren for passage the next morning.

After that, the duo head to the markets. Merrick finds a Gunsmith, and requests “The biggest Pistol you Got!”. The vendor show’s him a Breechbolt Pistol, but Merrick isn't even close to being able to afford it. He tries to barter or offer his services, he is told that if he can find a shipment that was lost between Rochford and Van’Tese then he would be welcome to the pistol. The shipment was no doubt lost to ork’s, Warg Riding Greyworms orks no less, and is in the wrong direction for the party, but Merrick Makes note none the less.

Merrick settles for an old and unkempt pistol, which looks like it would function better as a thrown club than a firearm. Which is probably for the best as Merrick has no experience using black powder weapons.

Eadwine and Merrick find their way to Trusions cart, where they purchase alchemy supplies from the loose hinged alchemist, who is fiddling recklessly with grenades.


Adrysse is back the Dwarfish longhouses talking to Kasper about the ritual knowledge he was going to teach her in return for learning the spell of undead exorcism.

Kasper is old, and morning’s don't sit well with him, so he is in full old dwarf mode. He teases the priestess for a bit, as there is not nearly enough time to teach her a ritual now. He has something else in mind. He leads the priestess out to a heavy chest, mumbles and incantation to open it, and has Adrysse collect what was inside. He say’s she may borrow this, but it must be returned. To the naive and impetuous priestess, it appears to just be some rock with etching in it, attached to a chain like a pendant.

Adrysse regroups with the others having lunch at the longhouse, and show’s them the odd rock. Thorgrim has a reverent reaction, and explains that it is called a ‘Warding Stone’ and is a sacred artifact to his people. It bestows magical protection upon the bearer.

In the courtyard Kasper gets into an argument with Lady Sigrid, the de facto leader of the clan. Sigrid is against gifting the priestess with such an artifact, and the priestess isn't helping to sell herself, showing casual disregard for the “Rock”. In the end Kasper win’s out, as the Runestone was his to give as he saw fit. Sigrid does however show the Priestess the power of the Runestone, buy walloping her relentlessly. The priestess is protected by the power of the Runestone. The priestess also gets a lecture on her responsibilities. Including the secret word that activates the Amulet. Barg*?

Eadwine goes off to train with Ketter, and later on collects the purchased alchemy supplies from Trusion. While there he is given a book on Merryn’s research “Volume III. Merryn Bertain ~ Boughs”. Learns of the concept of alchemist's stones, and homunculi, as well as of Boughs, grown replacement limbs.

Merrick goes to have some mid afternoon drinks, and ends up becoming good mates with the Ogre Bouncer.

Thorgrim talks briefly to Eadwine about Training, then set’s off to purchase trail rations, selling their horse for extra supplies.

Torvus trains, wearing some spare chain as he does so to get used to wearing heavyer armour.


The next day, the team set’s out aboard the Plump Siren. The ship is bareley worthy of the name, consisting of shite sails attached to a double decked barge and a mostly-maintained manpowered ferry wheel.The crew consists of a sleazy captain, a sleazy sailor, a sleazy sailorette, and a Mul. The Mul is content to stay paddling the boat, tho the heroes take turns on the other crank to help, and mostly for the exercise.

The priestess get’s hit on pathetically by the Sleazy Sailor, to no avail as she decides to be oblivious to the situation. This lead’s on to Thorgrim having to give her ‘the Talk’ to explain what the sailor was about. It is comfortable for no one. The Sailorettes advances are much more well received.

Meanwhile Eadwine is discovering that as he does not drink, or smoke, or do other dirty sailor things, he is generally uninteresting to them. Except his beard, they love his beard. His beard is invited to all the parties.


The ‘Pleasant’ journey met hardship the following day, as the barge struck ice. The Mull, and the heroes are sent out to pick away at the ice to clear a path, things are slow going and the wind and snow pick up. Adrysse is left aboard the ship, as she is considered too valuable to risk. Also she’s the only one who’s magic may help with frostbite.

After working at it for some time, Eadwine notices a large shadow pass beneath the ice. Adrysse start’s hearing elvish mystical chanting on the wind, tho she is the only one that can hear it, it is unmistakably the voice of Mannah Roth.

The Heroes scramble to return to the ship, but to no avail on the slippery ice. From beneath the frozen lake, a massive frost drake rises, and fly’s to the west - back toward Rochford. The ice pickers are wenched aboard by the ropes that had been tied to them, and they meet, soaking and freezing, in the lower deck. Part of Mannahs Chant is deciphered by Torvus based on what Adrysse remembers. It appears that Roth called upon the Dragon. “Yatueh, ~ Rise and come to my Biding” They did not managed to Decipher the reply.

The Dragon had cleared a path thru the ice, and the next few days are uneventful. Eadwine does manage to make aBright Bomb without blowing up the ship.


On the Fifth day, they arrive to the small dock town before Northwatch. From the dock the party can see Northwatch, and its three great towers, Vigilance, Honour and Courage. With somewhat warm farewells, the team unload the boat - ensure nothing has been stolen - and part way’s with the crew of the Plump Siren.

The town is abandoned. This is of little surprise, and since the Fortress seems unsieged, and still fly’s its flag’s, the party conclude they are not too late.

As they start to heft their baggage up the road, Torvus is sent to scout ahead. He find’s himself a good vantage point - a tower near the edge of town - and climbs it to survey things, there he find’s a spyglass. He swiftly spots a team of riders blitzing hell for leather away from something obscured in the disturbed trail of snow behind them. Whatever it is is picking off the riders one by one.

Torvus draws his bow, and try’s to line a shot, but cannot see a clear target. He instead shoot’s an arrow to get the Party’s attention that danger is afoot. Eadwine sounds the alarm and immediate ducks into a nearby house. The rest of the team drop’s the extra supplies, and head’s to the tower Torvus is in, sending Adrysse up to its relative safety. Merrick and Thorgrim plan to hold the foot of the tower.

The last remaining rider spot’s the party, and makes for them - a last chance since she knows she cannot outrun the beast. “Ive seen the Forces” she tells them, explaining that her information is important and she must be protected. Thorgrim ushers her behind him and Merrick without question. Torvus spots the creature and is vomits in fear.

Realising Eadwine is missing, Thorgrim calls out for the Alchemist, who makes to sprint for the tower, but is caught by creature which it turns out can phase thru walls. Several metres long, akin to the skeleton of a snake attached to the torso of a massive human, and with great big scything talons. It appears to spend half its time incorporeal, manifesting to strike. Torvus spots it and starts throwing up uncontrollably.

The Wraith entwines Eadwine, causing massive damage to his leg, and taking his kneecap. Adrysse is swift to respond with bolt’s of eldritch lighting, which stun’s the creature, throwing it back thru the house. Thorgrim and the Rider, Cassandra, begin to pull Eadwine back towards the tower, while Merrick Coveres them. Eadwine throwsthe bomb he made back into the house, blasting the creature further. When the effects of the lightning wear off, the Wraith vanishes again, and Thorgrim joins Merrick to cover their stricken partner.

The Wraith instead goes around them and sprints for the Priestess. She has put up arcane sight so can see the creature, but it is too fast, and all she can do to pop off a few shots at it.

The Wraith gets atop the tower, and just as Eadwine manages to shout Torvus out of his fear induced stupor, The Wraith’s talons pierce thru the thatched roof into his shoulder. He responds by shooting it with his pistol in rage, separating the beast from its tail, and Adrysse proceeds to blast it from the tower. Once on the ground, Thorgrim proceeds to pummel it for several minutes until it is a pile of shattered bone.

The group patch up Eadwine, gather what they can carry, and Very Cautiously make their way to Northwatch. The remains of the Wraith disappear, leaving the suggestion of a trial in the snow.

Cassandra, a Northwatch Scout (the last) explains she has seen 10’000 undead, 8 siege towers, and it appears the undead are building something big.

With Cassandra by their side, Northwatch opens it’s gates to the beleaguered heroes. Torvus mentions that there were many supplies left in the town, but to send an armed force to collect them as the wraith is still around.

The group is bundled into a cart, and taken to Vigilance Tower. They are taken directly to the map room, where the commander of the Fortress, Sir Bellamy, was.

The room was silent as Cassandra delivered her news of the army 4 Days away. Bellamy suggested the thing they are building may be a ‘Grave Giant’, as large as the main gate and likely able to breach it.

The scout was dismissed, and Bellamy escorted the party out to the ramparts of the tower. There he explained that there is 1000 soldiers, 2000 militia and 1000 peasants in Northwatch, they would need another 2000 able warriors to mount a proper defence.

Eadwine, disheartened as his mangled leg, tried to hand his sword to the Knight. Bellamy refused, telling Eadwine to be a Champion, to man Courage and Honour in the coming siege.

Bellamy explained he has cannon’s that need fixing, so Eadwine has a job to do.

Thorgrim set about helping to reinforce the defences, offering his wisdom of sieges. At first, Without dwarfish hand’s defending the fort, many of his ideas were moot, so he set about seeing what could be done.

Adrysse went to the hospice, where there were some 50 peasants from the north east village with plague.

Eadwine looked into the workshop, and discovered there are some 20 cannons that need reboring. Among other problems that needed solving regarding operating them in this frigid cold.

Torvus, from the outer wall “Courage” spotted a group of humans on the way to the Fortress. A great horn was blown, calling all to the walls. A group of some 50 strong humans with carts who look like they have been thru a fight, fly their banners - the banners of the Silver Wardens.

They come to reinforce the siege, with armoured knights and six Volley guns. Leading the group is an older man, in his 50’s - Commander Hothgar. There are a few other notables among the throng, including his wife - a warrior, and an Alchemist named Forza.

Merrick catches wind of a tunnel or other escape route called ‘Coward’s Reach’ and decides to look for it.


In the siege workshop Forza gives Eadwine a hard time of it, and they begin the steady road to working together on solving the cannon problem.


Torvus set’s about training the peasantry to be competent archers.


Merrick does what Merrick Does. You can't tell him what to do, you're not his real dad.


Thorgrim joins the other leaders up to Vigilance Keep, where they learn Le’Gentel has fallen again. They also learn that if there is a bone giant, then there must also be a Lich powerful enough to raise it.

A Lost kingdom has also risen in Maple Harrows, the entrance of which is watched over by the mages of Zerool*?

The undead have control of the underground roads, tho this isn't news so much as a confirmation for the party.

A Brief begins on the various threats and how to defend Northwatch…


- 100xp - Attendance - All
- 300xp - Danger - All
- 100xp - Wisdom - All
- 100xp - Heroic - Torvus, Adrysse
- 100xp - Roleplay - All
- 1 Influence - All.

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