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Input on the Scrolls Idea Empty Input on the Scrolls Idea

Post by Popdart5 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:55 pm

Mostly for Dom's purposes but I figured I'd open the idea to everyone.

In addition to the idea of roleplaying and acquiring more magical power through seeking teachers, artefacts, or other ways of learning, you could choose to grant a series of mechanical boosts to justify people gaining new spells. At the end of every session, any characters with the Mage trait would gain 1 spell point. A GM could also choose to grant additional spell points for particularly good or notable use of magic during a session. Characters could then use these spell points to put toward buying new spells in either a technique tree they already possess or a new one which they do not.

Spells would cost a certain number of points depending on the following:

- Their position in a technique tree. The number of spells/powers that exist along the chain prior to and including the spell that a caster wishes to acquire determines its cost in spell points. For example, the pyromancy spell Firebolt has both Call Flame and Spontaneous Combustion as precursor spells. Therefore, Firebolt would cost 3 spell points to acquire.
- Whether the caster already possesses a spell in the technique tree. If a caster wishes to acquire the first spell in a technique tree eg. Seal Wounds in the biomancy discipline, there would be an additional cost of 5 spell points as a character is learning an entirely new magical technique. If a caster already possesses the first power in a technique tree, no additional spell cost is applied for other spells in the technique tree. The base spells in a discipline do not count as being part of technique trees.

This idea could run alongside the idea of scrolls so that new spells can be spaced apart and completely new styles of magic would be harder to learn and master. For example, particular spells could be learned by finding a teacher or magical artefact while other spells could be learned through accumulated magical knowledge.
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