During the Time Lapse

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During the Time Lapse

Post by Popdart5 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:21 pm

So while we are in between games I thought it might be a little fun for the Black Crusade characters to pursue a few objectives or goals while the Kebechet is restored to working condition. To help with this, I've created a few rules for a small mini-game that I hope makes things a bit more interesting. Let me know what you think and if you would like to play this little game.

Black Crusade Hiatus Rules:

List of Stationary Assets:
  • Skarsgard industrial base. (Generates 1 Military Resource per year)
  • Kebechet destroyer, currently stranded on the surface of Wortun and subject to repairs by the Dark Mechanicus to make it void-worthy. (Base of operations)
  • Khornate raiding encampment across the strait to the south, led by Vallett. (Generates 1 Economic Resource per year in the form of slaves)
  • Two containers with a total of 30 psychic brains. Can be utilised for rituals, developing new psychic equipment, or other Warp associated goodies. (Generates 1 Warp Resource per year)
  • Mobile promethium extractor and pumping station. (Generates 1 Fuel Resource per year)
  • Agreement with Dark Mechanicus for trade and other dealings for the future.
  • Access to the Daemon Mount and potential resources within.
  • Access to the Tzeentch library of Amphernus and the knowledge within.
List of Deployable Assets:

Reaver Titan Aetornum Veritas (Eternal Truth) and support crew in the Ruined Towers.
  • Armament:
    1. Left arm-mounted Titan-class Lightning Claw.
    2. Right arm-mounted Laser Blaster.
    3. Carapace-mounted Inferno Gun.
  • Commander: Daemonified Techpriest and the Reaver Titan, both of whom currently swear allegiance to the Kebechet but are not directly commanded by anyone.
  • Support crew can maintain and service the Titan to ensure reliable operation.
  • Titan is possessed by a powerful daemon; however there is no immediate threat of escape.
Multiple Khornate warbands deployed around Skarsgard and the raiding encampment to the south.
  • Commander: Darius of the Chained Skulls.
  • Junior commanders:
    1. Jun – tactical and flexible fighters.
    2. Vallett – rapid assault and heavy firepower.
  • Roughly 5,000 warriors.
  • Favours melee.
  • Fast vehicle deployment based around armoured cars and trucks.
  • Small amount of mobile artillery equivalent to Basilisks.
Slaaneshi warbands based from the Kebechet.
  • Commander: Amon, chosen of Slaanesh.
  • Roughly 5,000 warriors but easily replenished.
  • Variety of mutations.
  • Favours ranged assault and hit-and-run tactics.
  • Have several “battle cat”/Necatrix strike forces suited for difficult terrain.
  • A small number of combatants have been trained in piloting the transport ships as well as the Thunderhawk.
Up to five Rubric Marines aboard the Kebechet (excluding Khaled).
  • Commander:  Fariad of the Thousand Sons.
  • Suited to defensive operations.
  • Heavily armed and armoured.
  • Tactically inflexible but adept in a number of different weapons.
  • Have a wide variety of skills and abilities.
  • Have access to Astartes combat vehicles and Astartes weapons.
18 “Ghost” Techpriests sworn to serve the Kebechet as well as approximately 50 servitors.
  • Commander: nominally under Mara as the resident technical specialist.
  • Not suited for combat.
  • Ideal at repairing damaged equipment or manufacturing new items.
  • Mostly lacking personalities.
Small cabal of approximately 12 acolytes and novice psykers.
  • Commander: Nate, chosen of Tzeentch.
  • Not suited for combat.
  • Ideal for assisting in psychic rituals and accessing the Warp.
What can characters do during the time lapse?
  • As the Kebechet gets repaired, the player characters can choose to undertake a number of different tasks that may help them accomplish goals and achieve objectives.
  • Even once the Kebechet is capable of void travel, the player characters can still go on a few small adventures before returning to the main campaign.
  • For each year that passes, a character can take up to two of the following actions. A single character cannot take the same action twice in the same year.
  • These actions may benefit the main characters (the Lords) directly or, if the player chooses, can benefit their minor character (the Warriors).
  • Characters can coordinate with each other to achieve certain objectives. A character can choose to generate additional resources to aid in another character’s efforts. Alternatively, a character can choose to use up resources for their own selfish ends that another character had been generating.
    1. To reflect that different characters may have conflicting or complementary goals, an Initiative order will be determined at the start of every year. Every character rolls 1d10 and adds half of their Infamy Bonus to their roll to determine their Initiative Score. Initiative Scores are then ordered from highest to lowest to determine who goes first.
    2. The first character in the Initiative order undertakes one action before the next character in the Initiative order takes their action. Once everyone in the Initiative order has taken one action, the first character in the Initiative order takes their second action and everyone continues until everyone has acted.
    3. The Initiative order is reset every year with new rolls required from all characters to establish at what point each character acts.

  • Survey:
    1. The surface of Wortun remains mostly unknown. Venture forth and claim its power.
    2. Once the Kebechet takes to the void, this action can be used to explore other planets, moons, or celestial objects within the system.
    3. Expend (X) Fuel Resources. Roll 1d10 a number of times equal to (X) and consult the table below for the outcome of your Survey.
      Die Result | Outcome
      1-5 | Unsuccessful venture. No outcome.
      6 | Gain 1 Economic Resource.
      7 | Gain 1 Fuel Resource.
      8 | Gain 1 Military Resource.
      9 | Gain 1 Warp Resource.
      10 | Gain 1 of any Resource.
  • Warp Dreaming:
    1. Communing with the Warp risks your mind and your soul. The fruits of such peril are often worth it though.
    2. Roll 1d10 and consult the table below for the outcome of your Warp Dreaming.
      Die Result | Outcome
      1-5 | Unsatisfying endeavour. No outcome.
      6 | Gain 1 Warp Resource.
      7 | Gain 1 Warp Resource and 1 Corruption Point.
      8 | Gain 2 Warp Resources and 1 Corruption Point.
      9 | Gain 2 Warp Resources and 2 Corruption Points.
      10 | Gain 3 Warp Resources and 2 Corruption Points.
  • Plotting a Voyage:
    1. Preparing for a journey is often as import as the journey itself.
    2. Roll 1d5. The result of the die determines the number of benefits that you can gain from the following list when you next perform a Survey or Warp Dreaming action. You can gain the same benefit multiple times.
      • Gain the ability to modify your 1d10 result by +/- 1.
      • Gain +1 of the same type of Resource.
      • Reduce the Resource cost or Corruption Point gain by 1 but still gain the other benefits, ie. Expend only 2 Fuel Resources on a Survey but still roll three times as if you had spent 3 Fuel Resources.
  • Establish a Base:
    • Your dominion grows as you fortify your holdings.
    • Expend 3 Resources composed of a combination of Economic, Fuel, or Military Resources, eg. 3,0,0 or 1,1,1. These bases may be utilised as secure facilities or staging points for future endeavours for either your main or minor characters.
    • Dakka Dakka Dakka:
      1. The factories at Skarsgard work overtime fuelling your warband’s combat operations.
      2. Generate an additional 1 Military Resource.
    • Raiding and Pillaging:
      1. Let more weaklings feel the lash of subjugation.
      2. Generate an additional 1 Economic Resource.
    • Drain the Wells:
      1. Your pumping station is slacking off. Pump harder!
      2. Generate an additional 1 Fuel Resource.
    • Reverse Engineer:
      1. While autoguns and ordinary metal plating are useful, reworking some of the more advanced technology into something you can replicate would be even better.
      2. Expend (X) Military or Fuel Resources and roll 1d10. If the result of the roll is less than or equal to the value of (X), you have acquired a military technology that you can produce normally at Skarsgard. This can include items such as las weaponry, flak armour, various types of ammunition, or different vehicle types. Certain technology such as plasma weapons and power armour cannot be replicated at Skarsgard and require larger and more sophisticated manufactorums. The type of resources that are used determines what types of technology you can gain.
      3. This will determine what weapons your warriors can wield and what equipment options are available for your minor characters.
    • Slaves for Guns:
      1. The Dark Mechanicus is always in need of new servitors.
      2. Expend 1 Economic Resource. Gain 1 Military Resource.
    • Slaves for Warp Trinkets:
      1. Trade with the Daemon Mount is possible although daemons tend to drive hard bargains.
      2. Expend 1 Economic Resource. Gain 1 Warp Resource.
    • Slaves for Favours:
      1. Sometimes a bit of barter and exchange is required to get what you want.
      2. Expend 1 Economic Resource. Gain 1 Requisition Point for your main character.
    • Favours for Special Items:
      1. You might have your eye on something in particular. Fortunately you have the means to get it.
      2. Expend (X) Requisition Points. The value of (X) determines the rarity of a single piece of equipment that you can acquire as per the table below.
        Rarity | Requisition Point Cost
        Average or better | No cost.
        Scarce | 1
        Rare | 2
        Very Rare | 3
        Extremely Rare | 4
        Near Unique | 5
        Unique | 7
    • Warp Trinkets for Knowledge:
      1. The Library of Amphernus holds many secrets. Knowledge is power after all.
      2. Expend (X) Warp Resources and roll 1d10. If the result of the roll is less than or equal to the value of (X), you have acquired new knowledge depending on what you were requesting. Please confer with the GM prior to selecting this option to determine what types of knowledge are available.
    Train Others:
    • Chaos Warrior Boot Camp:
      1. Your soldiers are weak and pitiful. This will not do!
      2. Expend 1 Military Resource. Minor characters from one warband of your choice gain an additional 100 starting Experience.
    • The Warp Overtakes Me:
      1. The people of Wortun are weak and have not felt the true touch of Chaos.
      2. Expend 1 Warp Resource. Minor characters from one warband of your choice gain an additional 1 Corruption Point during character creation.
    • Psychic Brain Trust:
      1. Manipulation of the Warp is a powerful ability. Others would benefit from your instruction.
      2. Expend 1 Warp Resource. Psykers become an available minor character creation option from one warband of your choice.
    Seek Glory:
    • Build Your Reputation:
      1. Remind the weaklings that you are in charge.
      2. Gain 1 Infamy Point for your primary character.
    • Praise Chaos:
      1. The Gods value those who swear them fealty and service.
      2. Gain 1 Corruption Point for your primary character.
    • Hone Your Skills:
      1. Maintain focus on your personal strength and abilities.
      2. Gain 100 Experience for your primary character.
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    Re: During the Time Lapse

    Post by Nick_Nork on Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:16 pm

    Having Plotted a Voyage for action 1 of year 1 and scoring  4 benefits, Darius sets out to Survey the planet!

    I chose to use our 2 available units of fuel and prespend one benefit to roll 3 dice which came up: 2, 6, 10.

    I will spend 3 benefits on the 6 dice to increase the Economic resource gain to 4, and the Any Resource on Economic resuorces to bring it up to 5: Darius found a lot of slaves Smile
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