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Post by Popdart5 on Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:59 pm

This thread is for everyone to post a little summary of their characters. Feel free to put up as much detail as you want.
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Post by Mifurey on Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:23 pm

Name: Bungo Goodbody
Sex: Male
Race: Halfling
Birthplace: Brandenberry
Current residence: Marburg, last 8 years
Occupation: Pig slopper (Dung collector)

Height: 3' 7"
Age: 40
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Brown, messy curls
Distinguishing marks: snaggletoothed
Clothing: wears grey shirt and breaches, with a tawny vest and a blue conical cap. Has brown boots calf-high boots (which are black, somewhere under there), and a plague doctor mask which holds a perfumed hanky inside.

History: Bungo is the eldest son of Brandobras Goodbody & his wife Elaine (nee Whitehead). Born in Brandenberry in the Moot, he became a turnip farmer with his father. He was disgraced when his experiments with different fertilisers went awry, starting a dysentery epidemic which killed both his father and his baby brother Drungo. His mother survived the sickness, but fled the scene of her grief and left Bungo bereft. Left behind with lots of angry halflings, Bungo fled to Tenneck, where he took on the alias Mungo Harfoot. Not being the brightest person, he re-commenced his experiments. These went poorly yet again, and a farmer got sick. This, along with Bungo's inabiility to maintain a convincing false family tree, lead to his exposure. He was brought before the vilage elders, and when the discussion went poorly Bungo was banished from the Moot for thirty years. He left but hung around the borders of the Moot near Raab for a few years, making a living in the wilderness by fishing and hunting, and occasionally stealing fruit or vegetables. He never stole money or materials other than food. After a run-in with the Fieldwardens he left the Moot entirely, settling in Zipf on the Southern borders of the Hundsheimerwald. Here he found work on a wheat farm for ten years. The farm was caught in a Beastmen raid, which Bungo survived, but with a foot injury. Now jobless and frightened, Bungo fled to Marburg via the river. His injury didn't heal for nearly a year, and his money ran out. He became desitute, and only survived by becoming a dung collector. Work was thin because of the small size of Marburg, but after a few years Bungo found good work at a pig farm, where he continues to work. He has now been in Marburg for eight years (19 years out of the Moot). In that time he adopted boots as his typical footwear, unlike most halflings. In addition, Bungo has come to believe the human superstition that disease is transferred by smell; as a result, he wears a plague doctor's mask with a perfumed handkerchief in the nose. However, he still religiously follows his grandmother's advice to wash his hands before eating, though he maintains it's to remove the smell.

Relationship with PCs: Met Gertwise when he was young, but left the Moot before he matured.

A typical day in Bungo's life: Bungo wakes early and has breakfast before slopping out the pig farm on which he lives. After filling the cart he selects out the best dung to dry near his small, out-house sized building. He dumps the remainder in the River Stir, and then washes with soap and has lunch (usually fish). After this he crosses the barge to the horse stalls near the Riverdrink Tavern, mucks them, and returns to the farm on the East Bank of the Stir, north of town. He composts the best, dumps the worst, and then goes fishing with his bag of maggots. Any fish go into his bucket, then he goes to bed.

Idiosyncracies: Bungo loves fishing, which is the only thing---apart from eating---that he actually takes great pleasure in. Spare cash usually goes into extravagent food. He is a poor swimmer, but quite agile out of the water. He carries a club out of habbit (after being beaten by beggars in Zipf), but is not very used to using it. It takes Bungo a little bit of time to recall things, but he has a decent memory overall.

Social: Bungo likes to put people off-kilter during conversation. He speaks fairly slowly for a Halfling, with a relatively high-pitched voice. He has some acquaintances (the farmer, the ferryman Oric, and the tavern staff).

Recent developments: Bungo has recently come across a bag of coins in a pile of dung. He is fairly flush now; 9 gold pieces or so. It is likely that, left to his own devices, this will become food money.

Theme music:
Happy/relaxed: The Shire - Brandon Strader - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Sad/angry: Bydlo - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Starting stats:
WS 16
BS 42
S 28
T 24
Ag 42
Int 29
WP 31
Fel 36
A 1
W 11
M 4
FP 2

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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