Hunters on the Road - Roleplaying for "The Night Calls"

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Hunters on the Road - Roleplaying for "The Night Calls" Empty Hunters on the Road - Roleplaying for "The Night Calls"

Post by Popdart5 on Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:15 pm

This thread is for all players of "The Night Calls" to engage in some out of session roleplaying. Feel free to use this thread to discuss plans, engage with each other's characters and backstories, and explore the world of Warhammer Fantasy.

The thread will start off at the end of a long day's travel. The group has left Marburg behind and everyone has settled down beside a campfire as night begins to fall. Bungo and Egbert are still heavily wounded from their encounter with the wolf but are conscious at this point in the evening. Alaric, Alexa, and Gertwise have travelled hard during the day and there is still one day's travel along the road towards Gersdorf. There has been no sign of the man in black and the stolen apple cart.

The sun began its slow descent towards the western horizon and a crescent Mannslieb took up the duty of illuminating the world. The dreaded Morrslieb was distant in the sky; a good sign for those who shun evil.

The road north out of Marburg had been steady going with the former dung cart falling into the grooves that had been carved by countless carts, wagons, and carriages before them. The River Stir had receded from its swollen mass earlier in the day and gently flowed south and west towards the Great Ocean. The group of travellers chose a point beside the road where a small peninsula jutted out into the river. A small fire was built and everyone partook of the bread, pork, and ale that had been provided by the good people of Marburg.

By the light of the fading sun, the shadows of the Great Forest to the west and the Hundsheimerwald on the eastern bank of the river grew long and sinister. The warning of the Witch Hunter echoed in Alexa and Gertwise's minds even as they tried to rest their tired legs. It was during this quiet moment that a groan sounded from the cart and a wince of pain soon followed. Egbert slipped from the back of the cart and stumbled towards the fire, his hand holding the bloodied cloth close to his neck wound. He eased himself down onto the ground and helped himself to a bit of bread that had not yet been eaten. His straw coloured hair was dishevelled while his face had lost some of its youthful vigour that Bungo had seen before.

"My apologies misters and lady," Egbert said with his mouth full of bread. "Never did thank youse all for taking me along. 'Fraid I wasn't quite with it when you took me from the town but I thanks ye for taking me to a doctor."

"I'm Egbert by the way. Egbert Gaffwiger." He nodded at Alaric, Alexa, Bungo, and Gertwise in turn before continuing to chew on the bread, his hand still holding the cloth to his neck.
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