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Fantasy World Creation Empty Fantasy World Creation

Post by Popdart5 on Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:32 am

This is just a placeholder post to document everything that's going on for the fantasy world map that's being designed.

Players: Sophia, Dom, Nork, Reece, and Blake.

General Notes: Landmass to be named at some point in the future.

Races created so far:

  • Kotorung
  • Danjin
  • Merpeople
  • Lizard people (Name pending)
  • Lightning golems (Name to be added)

Cities created so far:

  • Kotorua (Kotorung)
  • Ropongi (Kotorung)

Notable landmarks created so far:

  • Elemental mountain of water in the centre
  • Elemental mountain of air and wind in the central west
  • Elemental mountain of fire (with giant fire lizards) in the central east
  • Great forest in the southeast
  • Archipelago and jungle in the north
  • Underwater grottos and reef in the south
  • Heavily forested and mountainous island to the south
  • Slightly corrupted lake to the northeast

More detail to be added in the future.
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