What is Project Revamp? (1-20 of 178 comics completed)

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What is Project Revamp?                                                          (1-20 of 178 comics completed) Empty What is Project Revamp? (1-20 of 178 comics completed)

Post by Dingo on Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:06 pm

Hello people of the internet.

Project revamp is a thing I started when I lost all my original CMG comics. Quite a few years back I lost my domain name and everything on it. When I access my working files I discovered almost all of them had either been corrupted or files deleted.

That's what you get for
A) Not making multiple backups.
B) Not treating your external HDD with proper respect.

So that discouraged me from working on the comic for many years.
Then I got inspiration to start mk2, and launched it on the TFD4 website. 20+ issues in life got in the way, followed by unemployment, which caused a great lack of motivation.

But here we are in 2015. And I've decided to try it all again. This time around I'm going to be restoring the old comics as well.

What happens is I pull up the old photoshop file and see what's left of each comic. I usually need to reassemble the panels, replace text, sometime amalgamate several different images to repair a panel I lost the original of.
It's time consuming but also therapeutic.
It also allows me to correct old spelling errors and some bloody-well awful layout decisions of the past. I don't change the writing very much. At the most edit it to make it flow better, usually just remove redundancies.

So there you go. New year, new start, time to rebuild readership all over again. Looking forward to it. Smile


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