NPC's of 'Ascendancy'

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NPC's of 'Ascendancy' Empty NPC's of 'Ascendancy'

Post by Dingo on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:29 pm

1st Tactical Squad Larcombe
The 4th Company's 1st squad is known for their solid tactical doctrine, intractable nature, and rigid adherence to mission parameters. They don't have the most glorious honour role, nor do they have a remarkable tally of enemies slain. What they do have is a veteran sergeant of rare quality, and a reputation for holding an objective against all odds.

Sgt Larcombe
This veteran has seen war in all its forms, being one of the few brothers in the Chapter to have served in all three company roles. (Tactical, Assault and Devastator.)  With such a wealth of combat knowledge leading them, it is little surprise that the Larcombe 1st Tactical almost never fail in their duties.

Trooper 2IC - Jahn
Trooper - Tattaren
Squad mate to Lexicanium Siamak. Also known as 'Tatters'. Has come to like the eccentric Siamak, finding him a reliable warrior in the face of the enemy.
Trooper - Terrasi - Tech focus
Trooper - Tripp - Tech focus
Trooper - Dinas
Trooper - Pelon
Trooper - Vinn

Specialist Trooper - Kriss
Heavy Weapons - Yorlem

Allied Attachement - Lexicanium Siamak

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