Duncan "Dent" Carter

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Duncan "Dent" Carter

Post by protocolture on Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:24 pm

Duncan "Dent" Carter

Preferred Tonnage: Medium\Mobile Heavy
Preferred Weapon: Autocannon

Duncan was Born and Bred on the Federated Suns Outback planet of "Broken Wheel", raised on a diet of beef, old western films, hard work and hard knocks. With 7 older siblings he still had his fair share of work on the farm, but always knew he was too far down the chain to ever inherit it. From the start of high school, he was always planning his escape, learning to drive on the farm, learning to maintain the families 2 century old Combine Harvester and learning to fend for himself. He signed on at the local AFFS office the day he graduated, with the bulk of his graduating class. However the recent border clashes with the Draconis Combine had left a large hole in the available MechWarrior pool, and the AFFS was also testing these graduates to sift out potential MechWarrior candidates.

To his surprise, he was shipped off to New Avalon to be trained as a MechWarrior the day after Basic Training ended, leaving behind all his home town mates. The MechWarrior Academy didn't particularly challenge his military skills, just his social ones. The rest of his Training Cadre was shocked that a good ol boy could possibly be their equal. Especially after a Neuro Helmet misconfiguration caused him to lose control of his Chameleon, and plant it head first into the Mech Hangar Door. He dented his Helmet, his mech and the hangar, not to mention his pride, earning him the Callsign "Dent".

However, this was to be the first of many accidents to plague his career. While he made friends naturally with the grunts, mp's and other non com troops, he was never quite accepted by the rest of the Training Cadre. He could never shake off the fear that he was being targeted by his comrades.

Despite this, he wholeheartedly embraced the cavalry tradition of the AFFS MechWarrior culture, and eventually found his place with the 4th Crucis Lancers, now fighting a protracted battle against the Capellan Confederation. Here he was able to start fresh, once again, and became an integral part of his unit.

The "Accidents" that he had thought he had left behind, eventually caught up with him, during a major push against a heavily fortified enemy position, his commanding officer was killed when an AC Shell penetrated his cockpit. Despite being on the other side of the field, and pointing the other way, his battle computer had logged the target, the IFF code of his commander, and the order to fire. He had his duffel bag packed with all his gear when his good mate,  and drinking partner Provost Marshall Ian Graves tipped him off that he has had to order his arrest, and his MP's were on their way.

It took him a year to get off of Achernar, shipping out with a Capellan freighter crew, and by the time he was safely within Free World Space, he had made enough money off the weekly poker game to get by for a few months. He wandered around the free worlds league for a long time, unable to go home, and unable to move forward in anything but a drunk haze. This continued until 3033, when his former drinking buddy, Ian Graves, now working for the Comstar Mercenary Review Board, got in touch.  He learned that Ian had acted as his defence attorney when the AFFS court martialed him in absentia. He had resigned his commission when, despite the overwhelming evidence in his favor, he was dishonourably discharged, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Ian asked him to come to Outreach, to see how the new "Mercenary's Star" was coming together, and to start using his skills, that the AFFS had paid for, to make himself rich.

6 Months later he is one of the newest hires of Hunters Hornets. He still proudly wears his spurs.

*Excerpt from Mechwarriors Log: AA Milheim Second Deployment*
We dragged an excellent antique out from the rubble this mission. The only technicality is that we seem to have only 12 shots for the Dual AC 10's in our stock. Looks like, when we get it up and running, I am going in to battle with 2 old fashioned 6 shooters. Hope its all I need.

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