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Post by Comander.c on Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:19 am

Note to self: Totally make this thematic when i can brain. Blergh.

The battle is broken up into four main zones. The commander of each force will designate their troops to be deployed to one of these zones. They are free to split up their forces to several zones, and any force that has transportation may be able to jump between zones.

Ground based transport will take 2 hours to redeploy
Air based transport will take 1 hour to redeploy

Each mission will represent about one hour in the larger narrative.

The road so far thread will be used to keep track of the hour by hour play of the campaign.

The four Zones:

Upper Hive

Spacious Towering City environment. Suited to Vehicle or mounted forces. Space for Aircraft to skim and Fly. Open skies nominally covered by voidshileds and the city's formidable defences keeping the swarms at bay, mostly.

Xeno forces are trying to establish a hold on the abandoned upper hive, They must be kept at bay as long as possible lest they swarm the hive from the top down.

Troops Stationed:

Baharen PD Rifleman squad 1004

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Middle Hive

Tight city environment. Suited to infantry or close assault vehicles. Space for aircraft to skim, but not fly.

The remainder of the populace is huddled within the inner hive. It is from hear that they are being evacuated by the Navey in bulk. It is also the only secured evacuation zone. Small packs of the Xenos vanguard forces have broken thru, but the threat is minimal to armed forces. Undesignated forces are stationed hear.

Troops Stationed:

Baharen PD Rifleman squad 1003

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Tight quarters subterranian environment. Suited to close assault forces. No aircraft.

The underhive is home to the dregs of society, who are mostly still awaiting their turn to be evacuated. It is also where the primary objectives related to scuttle the hive are located. This is The Primary Objective. No confirmed Xeno activities, but the locals should be considered belligerent at best. Local gangs have formed into a militia who are ready to aid in the defense of their people.

Troops Stationed:

Baharen PD Rifleman squad 1002

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Outer Hive

Open suburban terrane, leading up to a postern gate at the Eastern Sanitation Outlet.

Baharen Command has deemed this evacuated district to be of little value, as the Xenos landed to the Far North, and this lesser Eastern zone is surrounded by harsh mountains ill suited to any massed Assault. They have withdrawn all forces up to the Hive Wall.

The powers that Be have deemed otherwise, and prognosed that the major thrust of the enemy assault will come from a small sanitation outlet just on the edge of the Citys Anti Air Net. Orders are for the Guard to deploy to hold this Gatehouse as long as Possible, and buy time for the middle hive to evacuate civilians. Once they are out, Militant forces will begin a strategic withdrawal.

Troops Stationed:

Baharen PD Rifleman squad 1001
Penal Shock Troops
31st Carnovan Stalwart Automated Artillery
411th Albion Sextus Fusileers

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