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Requests, Requisitions and Finances Empty Requests, Requisitions and Finances

Post by Comander.c on Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:19 pm

Notes on finance to be confirmed.

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Wage range. This represents an average stipend, or the amount of money that can be made outside mission budgets/rewards/danger pay Ect.

Pending how the party goes, the value tends to increase or decrease by 10-50/ month.
Also every 'level' it tends to modify by 10% on base value (representing basic promotions and skill at investment Ect.). All being a guideline, of course.

Currently, Cas might probably be 'Supine' range, and has ranked up twice so ~84/month, tho with her security skills may be closer to 'trade' ~144/month.

Sev is Nobility ~600/month, but pending if he has access to his wealth he would otherwise be a trading class ranked twice ~144/month.

It would be cool to set up an operations budget, which we can then assign to wages and stuffs, juggling wages and such for our new recruits as we get them Smile

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For an idea of basic value
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